Social Media Agency Los Angeles

"We're a social media agency based in sunny Los Angeles, California."

Social Media Strategy

We offer strategic social media marketing services that accelerate growth. Ignite your brand with a social media strategy that ties directly to your business goals.

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Social Media Content

Brands need compelling social media content to humanize their products and differentiate from competitors. Our social media content creates value for consumers.

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Social Media Management

Our social media management services create two-way conversations between brands and consumers. Transform your brand with authentic social media connections.

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The Power of Social Media

We help brands harness the power of social media

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Social Control is a social media marketing agency located in Los Angeles, California. We create social media marketing programs that build consumer loyalty and drive advocacy. Connecting you with your consumers on social media is our number one priority. No matter what your social media marketing requirements are, we'll help you activate your brand's message on social media and get results.

Whether you're looking for a comprehensive social media program including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, or a combination of the above, our social media strategy, content, management, advertising, and analytics services will help your brand achieve its business goals.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Why Social Media Marketing

Social media is hands down the most effective marketing channel to build your brand. Social media is the only marketing platform that allows brands to have direct conversations with consumers in real time.

Regardless of your marketing vertical, your consumers are using social media on a daily basis. Ensuring that your product is the first choice for consumers is a key reason why social media marketing is so important to your brand.

We create social media marketing campaigns for leading brands

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We've been fortunate to work on some of the most successful social media marketing campaigns for the world's leading consumer brands across nearly every industry.

Our social media campaign services give your brand the added reach it needs to increase sales, generate brand awareness, and help shift social media mentions away from competitors and onto your social media channels.