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Atlanta Care


Race To The Helmet
Race To The Helmet


Create a TVC campaign that drives awareness about MedPost Urgent Care and can be leveraged across social media as a series of branded content pieces.


The “Sick Days Aren’t Meant to Be Sick” campaign introduced consumers to the most affordable way to stay healthy in the Metro Atlanta area: Medpost Urgent Care. Bright and colorful imagery of people enjoying life against the backdrop of the Atlanta skyline came together with inspirational music to communicate that Medpost Urgent Care was an affordable way for people of all ages to manage their health. For the commercial, we designed a series of motion graphics that brought real energy to the voiceover as well as typographical messages on the screen. The motion graphics cut to diverse smiling faces demonstrating their favorite things to do on “sick days” – have fun! The commercial was also brought to life on social channels with humorous content demonstrating the fun things people could use their sick days for, like sailing, scuba-diving or even driving a motorized lawn-mower.

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