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Bedtime Stories

Toma Leche

Atlanta Care
Atlanta Care


Target Hispanic kids to drink more Milk at bedtime and build long-term consumer loyalty.


Children love bedtime stories. They also love their parent’s mobile devices. To capture the true essence of bedtime, we created an audio book mobile app for iOS and Android, supported on smartphones and tablets. Consisting of two bedtime stories, Dante’s Monstrous Monsters and The Waves on The Moon, the app allows users to have the bedtime story read to them electronically by our selected talent or they can have their parents record their voices directly into the app. Both stories are beautifully illustrated, bringing them to life in true storytelling form. Users are able to select specific elements in the creative to trigger copy that pops up and audio that describes that element. If the user touches a monster in the creative, then the copy “monster” pops up with the voice-over of the monster. Additionally, the app includes English and Spanish versions of each story, as well as sharing options via email and social media.

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