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Sony Ericsson

Signature Sides
Signature Sides


Launch one of the most anticipated mobile gaming phones in history during the Superbowl, and raise purchase consideration across North America and Latin America.


Focus on Xperia PLAY’s one of a kind value proposition, showcasing to gamers that the phone truly has everything you “need” and everything you “want”. What do gamers “need”? - all the great features in any state-of-the-art smart phone. What is it they “want”? - the best gaming console on the market, PlayStation. We decided to connect gamers via a social gaming contest. The “First2PLAY” contest asked people to submit their “needs” and “wants” through a dynamic social experience that leveraged the phone’s slick interface for a chance to win free phones to the top players, all while introducing the world to the glory of the Xperia Play mobile phone. Ironic and catchy phrases quickly went viral on Facebook and Twitter as players shared their phrases, such as “I need to do some push-ups, but I want to bend spoons with my mind.” A cross-channel strategy was created through mobile, email, paid media and content marketing across all social channels. The campaign was first launched in North America.

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