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Get Inked


Ford EV Driving Experience
Ford EV Driving Experience


Design a social media campaign that not only educates the consumer about the new line of Maybelline eye shadows, but also promotes social sharing.


The “Get Inked” campaign allowed users to virtually try on new eye shadow colors through a Facebook app while simultaneously getting their friends in on the fun. This global ad campaign was designed with scalability in mind. We created the “Get Inked” Facebook app with the ability to be localized for regional markets, so we could set it up for quick and easy deployment around the world. The “Get Inked” app included a photo-filtering and modification feature. Users could upload pictures of themselves, and were able to apply various color and saturation filters to the photos (similar to Instagram). The user was then able to select from 10 different eye shadow colors, applying them to the photo that was uploaded. Once the newly “inked” photo was finished, cross-channel traffic was achieved by encouraging the users to share the new photos with their friends on their various social channels with a message linking back to the campaign.

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