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Harley-Davidson Rideline

Harley Davidson

Xperia Break
Xperia Break


Launch Harley-Davidson on social media, creating a social base for Harley-Davidson’s older demographic loyal fans.


Launch a campaign which allowed users to create a personalized, interactive timeline, weaving together their own riding memories with classic milestones from Harley-Davidson's extensive archives. Harley-Davidson has a storied history of American innovation and now The Harley-Davidson® Rideline empowered its loyal riders to share their stories and experiences. For fans, creating a personal rideline was quick and simple. Social permissions were used effectively to gather as much rideline and relevant rider data as possible, pre-populating the timeline before the rider even typed a word or uploaded a photo. Birthdate, graduation year and relationship history were all used to dynamically process and plot a personalized timeline. Users then added individual milestones, stories and experiences through a photo-realistic, vintage interface. Once satisfied, users then published their rideline on Facebook for all of their friends to see. The search functionality allowed people to find other users and showed which friends had used the campaign. Fans connected with each other by browsing other people's ridelines and experiences and by checking out the "most popular" rides.

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