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Make Summer Funner


Tabasco Nation
Tabasco Nation


Drive sales through summer by getting people involved in seasonal festivities demonstrated with Target products.


Make Summer Funner. Moms are always interested in finding new ways to entertain their kids during the summer months. With the “Make Summer Funner” campaign, we made it easy introducing the giant “Activity Wheel.” Upon spinning the wheel, moms were given one of many activity ideas, all of which are made possible by purchasing affordable Target products. If Mom liked an activity idea, she could easily create a Social event, share the activity, invite friends, earn a badge, and click through to the store to purchase the necessary product(s). The “Make Summer Funner” campaign did just what it promised – using several social channels to spread the word, it provided a way for moms to make the hottest months of the year more enjoyable, and introduced them to the perfect Target products to carry out the festivities.

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