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Safe Breath Alliance


The Game of Do
The Game of Do


Enhance Dentyne Ice’s televised educational campaign through Social about the importance of practicing Safe Breath.


The Safe Breath Alliance (SBA), the first (completely made-up) organization committed to helping Americans everywhere practice Safe Breath was born. With the help of spokesperson Marlon Wayans, the SBA encouraged consumers everywhere to join via the Social “safe breath aptitude” test. We created an interactive quiz campaign that utilized exclusive video content from the TV spots. Interactive hotspots were integrated into the video footage to provide a deeper level of engagement. Users were asked to answer three quiz questions. Wayans interacted with the user along the way to let him/her know if the question was answered correctly or not. In addition, we included a feature that allowed users to upload their own questions to the Dentyne Social page, and encourage their friends to do the same through cross-platform social sharing.

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