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Signature Sides


Harley-Davidson Rideline
Harley-Davidson Rideline


Increase Wendy’s Facebook following while simultaneously educating consumers about Wendy’s product offerings.


Expand Wendy’s social circle with the promise of expanding users’ social circles. These days, friends fall into two categories: real friends and Social friends. Social friendships don’t always translate into actual “hanging out.” So while Wendy’s Signature Sides takes your meal to the next level, the Social campaign we created helped users discover an online buddy who could become a real pal. Users selected a few criteria points, such as likes, sports, movies, TV shows, music, cheesy, sweet, salty and spicy. They were then matched up with others based on their selections. If they found a match, there was a chance to win a variety of prizes, including a pair of United Airlines tickets, Ticketmaster event tickets, Fandango movie tickets and more. Better yet, they were introduced to a Wendy’s Signature Side to share with their new real-life friend. Users were encouraged to share the results of their virtual friend search on Facebook and Twitter, which spurned others on to find out which social friends could be their friends in real-life!

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