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Smashbar World


Washington Insiders
Washington Insiders


Alert moms (the “real consumer”) to a new Quaker Oats product made especially for kids, called “Smashbar”.


Entice moms to learn about the new product offering by appealing to their nostalgia. We created a Tetris-style game with geometric game pieces made of ingredients found in the Smashbar, including chocolate chunks, pretzel pieces and cranberry raisins. The game was played on a Facebook app, which also included other games such as a time-based puzzle game and level where snack bar pieces drop from the sky and players had to click on them before they hit the ground. Weekly top winners received a free box of Smashbars. Players could share their scores on Facebook and Twitter, encouraging their friends and family to also take part in the fun while learning about the nutritious ingredients in this new Quaker Oats product.

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