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Tabasco Nation


Smashbar World
Smashbar World


Launch Tabasco on social media by creating a customer rewards program, tap into the brand’s loyal customer base and educate them about the different product flavors.


Create an online social forum designed to build two-way conversations between the brand and its fans. With over 7,000,000+ engaged Social fans, Tabasco Nation drives deeper consumer engagement with Tabasco and its full line of products. The goal was to provide fans with a forum to interact with one another, embracing their passion for Tabasco sauce and earn rewards for it. The campaign’s prompts were simple and fun: compete in challenges, keep track of your “daily drops” (or Tabasco usage), upload photos of interesting food combinations and respond to daily polls about various food pairings, all in the interest of earning points and badges. Additionally, fans could share their conquests, activities and badges and track the competition via the leaderboard. Comments were encouraged through a social plugin for poll challenges. Enthusiasts could earn coupons, win prizes (such as a gallon jug of Tabasco sauce) and achieve coveted “status” levels like Mayor, Governor, Senator and Ambassador. A multi-platform content campaign drove traffic to Tabasco Nation, and a custom integration with Google Maps would signal every time a new user came to the campaign by adding a drop pinpointing their location, and visually displaying a custom map of the U.S.

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