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Unstoppable Moves


Look Up With US Challenge
Look Up With US Challenge


Drive brand awareness of Playtex Sports through social by running a campaign with a positive message of empowering young women.


Create a social campaign that encourages young women athletes to become brand ambassadors for Playtex Sport by uploading content featuring their athletic prowess. Across America, young women train hard to excel in their favorite sport, with this campaign, Playtex was able to highlight and celebrate their efforts. Users submitted videos of themselves playing their favorite sports. We aggregated all of the user-submitted videos and stitched them together in a seamless timeline. Each video had sharing capabilities on Facebook and Twitter. Deep engagement was created through our “video mixer” functionality, which allowed these female athletes to mash up their video with other fan videos and add soundtracks. The mash up was achieved through a slick drag-and-drop interface. An editing feature upon user upload gave the ability to select the in and out points, so the video would fit within the campaign’s time requirements. All videos were encoded via the server to create a universal experience for Playtex fans. When the videos were saved, we gave users the option to post the video to YouTube, providing cross-traffic back to the campaign.

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