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Western Union Social Media

Western Union

Blu Social Media
Blu Social Media


Create a Social Media Content Strategy for Western Union designed to reach a global audience, instilling customer loyalty to the brand, and turning those customers into brand advocates.


The Western Union customer views the money transfer service as a lifeline – a safe, quick and easy way to transfer money and support across oceans. We developed a content strategy that spoke to these customers’ specific situations and celebrated where they’ve come from. We centered the content around four archetypes: Everyman, Hero, Guardian and Sage. Each archetype had specific clue lines associated with it, and those clue lines were paired with powerful imagery to convey the message that Western Union empathizes, celebrates, encourages and cares for its customers. For example, a Facebook post representing the Everyman archetype featured a beautiful picture of a full moon. The overlay copy on the photo read “Greatest Moment: looking at the same moon.” The picture was accompanied with post copy that said “You may be far away from the one you love, but you can always share the same view.” We complimented the archetype content with posts that were easy for followers to engage with: holidays from around the world, ethnic foods native to the homelands of many of WU’s customers, famous landmarks and inspirational quotes. The content has been leveraged on all of Western Union’s social channels, and as a result Western Union has highest social engagement of any financial services company.

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